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Viticulture compact disc harrows are perfect for the clog-free mulching of green manure and for the weed control in viticulture and fruit cultivation.
A uniform mixing of the soil promotes the formation of humus.

Low-wear, serrated boron steel discs are individually mounted on powerful springs with high-quality maintenance-free bearing units.
The tilting of the discs provide excellent ground penetration.
Choose from a cage roller or a toothed ring packer roller to adjust the depth of the unit.
When turning between the rows, the roller swings towards the device under its dead weight, making it even more compact.



  • mulching of green manure
  • mechanical weed control
  • working depth of 8 – 20cm


  • discs individually mounted on springs with maintenance-free bearings
  • large distance between rows of tines


  • less traction power required compared to heavy cultivators
  • great area performance
  • compact design
    Working width [m] Discs
    Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp]
    1.5 10 630 60
    1.7 12 690 80


    • Western European boron steel discs Ø 510 mm
    • Maintenance-free bearing units
    • Wear-resistant leaf springs 150×16 mm
    • Lateral deflector disc
    • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 41 cm
    • Double-sealed special ball bearings
    • Lateral deflector
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 40 cm with scrapers
    • Hydraulic depth adjustment of roller with aluminium hooks
    • Straw harrow tines (12 mm)

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