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Due to enormous soil compaction, the soil gets too little oxygen and as a result, this leads to significant yield reductions of the harvest.
Subsoiling promotes the soil life and humus formation, as well as a substantial reduction of weeds.
The capillary effect and the water storage of the soil are also favoured by the breaking up and loosening of the subsoil.

Due to the V-frame of the subsoiler, the vertical blades and the optimum angle of the points, the device is very easy to pull.
Height-adjustable intermediate tines mix the humus layer on the surface in the same operation.
The hydraulically adjustable toothed ring packer roller solidfies the soil level and firm, up to a depth of several centimetres.



  • loosening and breaking up compacted soil
  • in summer and autumn, especially after the harvest of vegetables, sugar beet and maize
  • working depth of 25 – 60cm


  • extremely easy to pull due to the V-frame
  • subsoiler tines break up the subsoil to a depth of 60 cm
  • vertical blades prevent lifting of barren soil
  • points promote the rise of humidity to the surface
  • simultaneous mixing of the top humus layer with intermediate tines
  • ideal consolidation by toothed ring packer roller
  • hydraulic depth adjustment


  • significant reduction of weeds, e.g. thistles
  • loosens compacted soil without lifting barren soil
  • promotes soil life and humus formation
  • increase in crop yields
  • no formation of a plough sole
  • replaces separate cultivator tillage
  • almost seed-ready soil thanks to 2-layer processing
  • lower traction and fuel consumption compared to traditional subsoilers
    Working width [m] Folding Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp] Tines
    1.5 1,100 70 3
    2.5 1,700 110 5
    3.5 2,100 160 7
    3.5 Compact folding
    3,600 180 7
    4.5 Compact folding
    4,000 220 9
    5.5 Compact folding
    4,400 270 11


    • Heavy V-frame
    • 80 cm high tines with vertical Hardox blades
    • Interchangeable booted points with Hardox plates
    • Shear bolts with predetermined breaking grooves
    • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 50 cm
    • Double-sealed special ball bearings
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Height-adjustable spring tines
    • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 50 cm with scrapers
    • Hydraulic depth adjustment of rollers with aluminium hooks
    • Straw harrow tines (12 mm)
    • Lateral deflector discs
    • Installation of small seed dispenser
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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