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The quality of the cultivation and the crop yield are significantly influenced by rolling.
Cambridge rollers are used before or after sowing in dry soil. By the profile of the Cambridge rings and the high dead weight, the dry clods are crushed and also pressed. The reconsolidated and refined soil gets moisture from below due to the capillary action and thus guarantees the successful germination.

Another important application is the rolling of a loosely frozen earth of winter grain: loose roots are pressed firmly back into the ground and supplied with moisture. A reconsolidated soil counteracts wind erosion and the closed cavities provide more protection against pests.

The 550mm cast rings enable excellent working quality with relatively low pulling power. The main rings consist of 4 spokes and are additionally reinforced with inner stiffening ribs. This provides maximum protection against cast breakage on extremely stony ground. Also the 5 spokes on the intermediate rings provide extra stability.

A wide track ensures good stability and safe road transport. In the transport position, the side parts are mounted in the drawbar holder, thereby the roller is automatically locked for transport.

An even weight distribution over the entire working width is achieved with the gas pressure accumulator.



  • crushing hard clods and solidifying the seedbed
  • successful seed emergence in drought by promoting the capillary effect
  • plain, well reconsolidated fields - especially important with alternative fruits
  • reconsolidating the loosely frozen soil (winter grain)
  • closure of cavities - protection against pests
  • reduce soil erosion


  • very stable, self-cleaning cast rings Ø 550 mm
  • high-strength shafts Ø 60 mm
  • large self-aligning ball bearings with double seal
  • large track width and large tyres


  • high dead weight
  • very stable – long service life
  • uniform weight distribution
  • reinforced cast rings with internal ribs and additional spokes
    Working width [m] Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp] Tyres
    5.2 3,200 90 380/55×17
    6.2 3,900 110 480/45×17
    7.2 4,700 130 480/45×17
    8.2 5,200 150 480/45×17


    • Extra strong self-cleaning cast iron rings Ø 550mm with 4 spokes
    • High-strength shafts Ø 60 mm
    • Large self-aligning ball bearings with double seal
    • 3-piece folding
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Chassis with pneumatic brake

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