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It is the perfect implement for preparatory work prior power harrows and rotary tillers:
the device crushes, solidifies and levels the ground. Afterwards, tractor tracks are much flatter, and power harrows and rotary tillers can be used much shallower on the well-levelled soil. As a result, the area performance is increased and the wear of the PTO devices is significantly reduced.

The implement consists of the front cracker roller with individual, freely rotatable cracker stars, the centrally adjustable spring levelling elements and the crumbler roller (optionally toothed ring packer roller).

The cracker roller, with the individually freely rotating stars, loosens the surface and crushes large, hard clods.
The spring levelling elements, which are arranged behind the cracker roller, continue to crumble the clods and level the ground.
Finally, the crumb roller solidifies the soil.
The result is a well crushed, levelled and solidified soil.
Since no loose clods can pass through the power harrow tines, the area performance can be increased by a higher driving speed.



  • together with the power harrow
  • before sowing
  • working depth of 5 – 12cm


  • individual freely rotating cracker stars
  • self-regulating spring levelling elements
  • cage roller


  • no sticking of the individual freely rotatable cracker stars
  • due to excellent levelling higher speeds with power harrow possible
  • great area performance
  • saving of an operation possible
  • economical cultivation
    Working width [m] Weight [kg] Machine equipment
    2.5 800 with cage roller
    3.0 950 with cage roller
    3.0 1,200 with toothed ring packer roller
    • Individual freely rotating cracker stars
    • Individual sprung levelling elements
    • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 41 cm
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 40 cm with scrapers
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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