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The seedbed cultivator EUROPLAN II is perfectly suited for seedbed preparation before sowing sugar beets, vegetables, maize and grain.

The tines of the individual elements are guided accurately at the required working depth by one solidification roller at the front and two cage rollers at the rear – regardless of the respective soil condition.
A uniquely levelled seedbed is achieved by the exactly adaption of the elements in the longitudinal direction. The lateral twisting of the individual elements is not possible.

The seedbed cultivator with straight, constantly vibrating spring tines and a tine spacing of 6.5cm provides a substantially higher quality of work than a traditional cultivator thanks to the accurate depth guidance.
The result is a perfect seedbed: on the surface loose and fine, well consolidated and moist in the desired sowing depth.
The ideal conditions for a reliable and even emergence of seed.



  • precise seedbed preparation, particularly for sugar beets, vegetables, rapeseed and maize
  • incorporating catch crops in spring
  • cultivating on ploughed ground
  • working depth of 3 – 15cm


  • individually guided spring tine elements
  • 5 rows of tines and 3 rows of rollers per element
  • completely uniform tine distribution
  • 3-piece folding
  • additional reinforcing springs for deeper tillage (potatoes)


  • perfect ground adaptation by individual elements
  • permanently equal working depth
  • field becomes particularly level
  • ideal germination conditions
  • finer working pattern due to large number of tines
  • high passage by large beam distance and passage height
  • simple processing of the field edge when folded
  • significantly higher impact than with PTO-driven machines
    Working width [m] Folding Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp] Tines
    3.0 1,000 85 45
    4.0 Compact folding
    1,400 100 60
    4.5 Compact folding 1,850 110 70
    5.0 Compact folding 2,100 130 80
    6.0 A-folding 2,600 180 90


    • 5 rows of tines
    • High-quality spring tines 32×12 mm
    • Tine spacing 6.5 cm
    • Underframe clearance 46 cm
    • Passage width 32.5 cm
    • 3 rows of cage rollers:
      Reconsolidation roller in front Ø 32 cm
      Reconsolidation roller rear Ø 32 cm
      Crumbling roller Ø 32 cm
    • Double-sealed special ball bearings
    • 3-piece folding – ideal for working on edges
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Reinforcing springs
    • Wheel track eradicators
    • Installation of small seed dispenser
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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