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When conventional cultivators work too coarse and do not mix effectively, the intensive cultivator is just the machine you need.
The vibration effect of the powerful 100x14 mm spring tines crushes the clods and intensively mixes the soil with crop residues.
With an appropriate dead weight the intensive cultivator penetrates excellent in the ground, even in very hard or stony soils.

Due to the 5 rows of tines and a large number of tines, the soil is uniform mixed and leaves a fine working pattern.
Clogging is prevented and the material flows evenly thanks to the completely even tine distribution and an underbeam clearance of 70cm. Therefore, the cultivator is also ideal for mulching maize straw.

The intermediate levelling tines distribute the finely mixed mass, the roller crushes the clods and ensures the reconsolidation of the soil.
Working depth is set via a large, solid cage roller by means of hydraulic cylinders and aluminium fixing hooks.



  • stubble cultivation
  • incorporation of maize straw
  • incorporating catch crops
  • mechanical weed control
  • incorporating slurry and manure
  • plough replacement in autumn (up to 20cm depth)
  • working depth of 8 – 22cm


  • 5 rows of tines
  • completely uniform tine distribution
  • vibration effect of spring tines
  • narrow tine spacing of 16.5cm
  • 3-piece folding
  • hydraulic depth adjustment
  • levelling harrow tines


  • finer working pattern due to large number of tines
  • high passage by large beam distance and passage height
  • easy to pull
  • simple processing of the field edge when folded
  • optimum weed control
  • pleasant road transport by 180°-folding
  • traction requirement less than for heavy cultivators
  • less weather sensitive than equipment with discs
    Working width [m] Folding Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp] Tines
    3.0 1,500 120 18
    4.0 Compact folding
    2,000 170 24
    4.5 Compact folding 2,300 190 26
    5.0 Compact folding 2,600 210 30


    • 5 rows of tines
    • High-quality spring tines 100×14 mm
    • Tine spacing 16.5 cm
    • Underframe clearance 70 cm
    • Levelling harrow with hole adjustment – Ø 12 mm tines
    • Heavy-duty cage roller Ø 50 cm
    • Double-sealed special ball bearings
    • Hydraulic depth adjustment of rollers with aluminium hooks
    • 3-piece folding – ideal for working on edges
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Duckfoot points 25 cm
    • Straw harrow tines (12 mm)
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system

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