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The trailed stubble cultivator achieves a uniform and fine mixing with 5 rows of tines and the narrow tine spacing of 13cm.
Heap formations and blockages are prevented by the regular tine distribution and an extreme underbeam clearance of 59cm.

Due to the large number of spring tines, the soil is thoroughly mixed and levelled by the rollers.
Two large cage rollers ensure the implement is easy to pull and guarantee optimum reconsolidation.
The working depth is adjusted over the cage rollers with hydraulic cylinders, which are regulated by aluminium fixing hooks.

The trailed stubble cultivator is very agile thanks to the ideal positioning of the chassis in the overall construction, which makes transport by road and turning very easy.

It can also be supplied a unit without rollers for extremely moist conditions. Four wheels of equal size are adjusted hydraulically to set the required working depth.



  • stubble cultivation
  • incorporating catch crops
  • mechanical weed control (BIO EUROCULT)
  • incorporating slurry and manure
  • seedbed preparation for maize or wheat
  • cultivating catch crops with small seed dispenser
  • working depth of 5 – 18cm


  • 5 rows of tines
  • completely uniform tine distribution
  • extremely narrow tine spacing of 13cm
  • large underbeam clearance
  • hydraulic depth adjustment


  • finer working pattern due to large number of tines
  • high passage by large beam distance and passage height
  • pleasant road transport
  • traction requirement less than for heavy cultivators
  • less weather sensitive than equipment with discs
  • can also be supplied without rollers for extremely moist conditions
    Working width [m] Folding Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp] Tines
    5.0 Central folding
    3,900 170 38
    6.0 Central folding 4,400 200 48
    7.0 Central folding 5,600 240 54
    7.5 Central folding 5,900 260 58
    8.0 Swivel folding
    7,200 300 62
    9.0 Swivel folding 7,700 330 70
    10.0 Swivel folding 8,100 370 78


    • 5 rows of tines
    • High-quality spring tines 70×12 mm
    • Tine spacing 13 cm
    • Underframe clearance 59 cm
    • 2 rows of rollers – front Ø 58 cm and rear Ø 50 cm
    • Double-sealed special ball bearings
    • Hydraulic depth adjustment of rollers with aluminium hooks
    • Hydraulic drawbar with aluminium hooks
    • Hydraulic chassis
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Duckfoot points 20 cm
    • Toothed ring packer roller Ø 58 cm with scrapers
    • Straw harrow tines (12 mm)
    • Support wheels in conjunction with extended frame
    • Contact wheels in the front
    • Installation of small seed dispenser
    • Hydraulic locking hooks
    • Chassis with pneumatic brake

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