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The equipment is used to level the rough winter furrow in early spring. With a unique crossing, the field is just ground, refined and slightly sealed at the top.
This allows the arable soil to store the winter moisture at a constant depth for many weeks.

Before sowing, the soil is gently loosened and refined with a seedbed cultivator.
Now the seed has ideal conditions for a rapid germination: on top a fine and loose insulation layer for a rapid warming and in the sowing horizon a uniform moisture.



  • before cultivating sugar beets, carrots, onions, summer cereals, soy and many other crops
  • processing on ploughed or cultivated ground
  • as early as possible in spring in the slightly dried field


  • reliable function due to appropriate high dead weight
  • excellent adjustment by drawbar and chassis cylinder
  • convenient road transport


  • field becomes particularly level
  • completely uniform humidity to just below the surface
  • perfect germination conditions
  • low energy consumption and little wear
    Working width [m] Weight [kg] Power requirement [hp]
    5.0 3,400 160
    6.0 4,200 200
    8.0 5,500 270
    12.0 9,100 400


    • Extremely solid level board
    • Hydraulic drawbar with aluminium hooks
    • Hydraulic chassis
    • Warning signs with lighting and flashing system
    • Complete frame made of steel ST 52 / S355
    • Sprung levelling boards
    • Chassis with pneumatic brake

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